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We are the next generation of “Software House” to hire.
Writing code means for us “Application Lifecycle Management” and “Factory”
underlines our industrialized approach to the process of delivering products.

Build Your new app:

Software Projects Development Services

We implement Your products and deploy them in the environment of Your choice. It's done within a specified time frame, budget and spans the functionality that You require.

Keep your software running, monitor and adjust:

Software Maintenance Services

Product Maintenance and Evolution, is provided by our Continuity&Change services.
By providing Continuity Service we take the responsibility for assuring that your software products are up and running when you need them. As part of Change Services we make sure that your product keeps Evolving.

You need high quality competences and want to manage them yourself:

Experts and Teams Secondment (Outsourcing)

We provide you with skilled resources that, can either boost your existing development team's velocity or form a completely new team for you. Should you require it, the team will come with a manager to help you in your daily struggles.

And all the hardware, tools, licenses and administration:

Service Support

We provide the procedures, the hardware and the software as a complete environment necessary to do deliver our services. That includes server licenses, virtual environments, development and communication tools.

Business model

Our mission is to support companies by providing high quality software development services, that utilize an industrialized approach to the production process.
Help them define requirements and choose technology.
Assure cost efficiency and measure quality.

When we are helpful:

In case you need a specialized team of software engineers.

  • When you have your development department but need additional capacity. We provide structured help to develop your software products.

  • When you know the software product you want to have built, but you do not want to do it yourself. Then we deliver Application Lifecycle Management services supporting you across the board. Managed by us and controlled by you.


ALM Factory production offices are located in Poland. With all of our customers located abroad, efficient communication is the life blood of our organization.

  • Especially in the beginning, team members from supply and demand side should work in one room in a series of workshops.

  • In order to maintain high efficiency of production, we base our relation on trust and well-structured processes.

This approach, coupled with competences, capabilities and goal oriented development practices provides a robust environment for collaboration.

Flexible financing models:

We are open to help our customers with flexible financing models, allowing You to achieve Your goals faster.

It is helpful when:

  • Transitioning and transferring knowledge.

  • Developing a new products or service that you want to introduce to the market.

Know how

and Beautiful interface
Solid, High Quality
for Mainstream Platforms
iPad iPad iPad iPad

We produce web, mobile and desktop applications that utilize a wide range of different technologies and technology groups. Our focus – the development of End – to – End Web Solutions, requires that our teams have capabilities in each one of them.

We strive to hone our skills and make use of the latest technologies while, at the same time, maintaining know – how about past solutions to provide support for legacy products

Management Framework - SCRUM

SCRUM is the framework of choice for our projects. In cases where it’s either not possible to use it or when there are limitations imposed – the scrum model is tailored. Our tried and tested approach is to use a "loose coupling" either to PMI are a Prince2 alike framework. In some cases it has been brought to a level of what can be called Disciplined Agile Deliver (DAD) where timeframe is essential, budgets can’t be overrun and work progress is tracked by milestones.

Our toolkit

As a part of our ALM environment, our teams use the latest solutions that support software development. We work in different setups, in varied service portfolios. We understand the IT business and we know that there’s no silver bullet solution.
When working with customers, in every single scenario, we do our outmost to align and adjust to the needs and capabilities of our partners.

ALM – Develop

One of the most important aspects, of the developer's work environment, is his work station and IDE. We understand that and that is why we recycle our developers’ equipment on a regular basis, supplying them with additional hardware resources when necessary. Every development machine, be it a MS Windows, a Linux laptop or a MAC, hosts an IDE that, supports production of software on a given platform. These are typically XCode, Visual Studio, Android Studio, NetBeans or Eclipse.


Our development teams make use of CI/CD environments wherever applicable. Such environments are always composed of, at least, three parts: a Source Code Management system, a Work Tracking system and an automated build and deployment system. Once these are up and running further extensions like automated test suites, syntax checkers etc. can be added. A typical configuration consists of a GIT repository, JIRA and Jenkins or Bamboo.

ALM – Testing

Testing is an integral part of every successful development product. In order to achieve long lasting quality it’s necessary to plan ahead and automate to as much extent as possible. Our experience in this area spans such tools as jUnit, phpUnit, Telerik Test studio, Microsoft Test Manager and Selenium. Where automation is not possible manual tests take place.

ALM – Deployment and Monitoring

Software Lifecycle does not end with an acceptance of the product. Once tested and deployed in a live environment, the Solutions require maintenance and monitoring. To improve performance, automate updates and track uptime for any give application, we use such tools as New Relic, dploy, Fabric or HockeyApp. Implementation of proper Monitoring follows the same rules as everything else - it needs to support the product.

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